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Release VOD:  14th of February 2018

Director: Roland Emmerich

Cast: Jeremy Irvine, Jonny Beauchamp, Ron Perlman, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Joey King, Caleb Landry Jones
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Length:  129 min

Synopsis: Danny Winters (Jeremy Irvine) is forced to leave his friends as he is thrown out by his parents, and flees to New York. The year is 1969 and Danny is alone in 
Greenwich Village, but soon he finds a group of liberal and interesting people who bring him to The Stonewall Inn. The bar proves to be more hostile than anticipated and the group has to put up with discrimination because of their sexualities. This brings them over the edge and the revolutionary spirit is overflowing.

Press material, stills and poster

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