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Release VOD:  20th of February 2023

Director: Lukasz Gutt, Lukasz Ronduda

Cast: Dawid Ogrodnik, Maria Maj, Andrzej Chyra, Oskar Rybaczek
Genre: Drama, Biography
Country: Poland
Length:  90 min

Synopsis: Daniel is a young artist torn between his small village community, urban art galleries, Catholic church and gay identity. When his lesbian friend commits suicide after suffering from homophobic heckling, Daniel's life mission becomes to redeem his community with an ultimate work of art -- as well as not to lose Olek, a local man he loves despite him not being able to embrace his sexuality.

“All Our Fears shines a dazzling light on a European country that has veered drastically towards intolerance and where a number of villages have declared themselves LGBTQ-free zones. It also proves that Polish cinema retains its all-time greatness in exploring the cracks in its social fabric” - Cineuropa
“"All our fears" is worth watching as a western in which the Polish province serves as a prairie, on which the cowboy - the main character - rides his motorbike like a horse” - Vogue Poland
“What sets ‘All Our Fears’ apart, and what makes it so compelling, is its strong religious undercurrent, as well as presence, and the way that the filmmakers capitalize on how Daniel is both gay and an observant Catholic” - Slant Magazine
“it’s not just a movie about discrimination, it’s a drama about much bigger issues that I’m sure will excite more than one viewer” - The Postedia

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