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Theatrical release: 4th of June 2021

Release VOD: 13th of September 2021


Director: Tobias Leo Nordquist

Cast: Ola Rapace, Ida Engvoll, Erik Bolin, Peter Viitanen, Donald Högberg, Dakota Trancher Williams  

Genre: Action, Thriller

Country: Sweden

Length: 107 min

Rating: 15 years


Synopsis: In his search for reconciliation with his past, Sami finds a small community where he meets Kim. Together they meet local gangster Gubben who runs a seemingly sophisticated meth imperium with his two sons. Everything is running smoothly until drugs start circulation in the community without permission from Gubben and all attention is turned to newcomer Sami who realizes he is in danger. To escape with his life he has to figure out a plan fast.

Vitt skräp is a high intensity retro action film that reminds us of gangster classics such as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Pulp Fiction.


Press material, stills and poster.

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