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Theatrical release: 9th of July 2021
Release VOD: 11th of October 2021


Director: Toby Genkel, Sean McCormack

Genre: Animation, Family

Country: Ireland, Luxemburg

Length: 85 min

Rating: All ages


Synopsis: Noahs Arc is drifting aimlessly on the open sea. The food supply is getting dangerously low and is threatening the peace. The young Nestrian Finny and his best mate Leah, a Grymp, accidently fall off the ark and are swept out to sea. Out on their own on a raft, they get separated by a storm. While Finny finds a whole colony of Nestrians underwater, Leah lands on a beautiful island. If only the newfound land wouldn't shake that regularly and smoke from the mountain top?

Moderna Livet lists TWO BY TWO - OVERBOARD as a must watch during Juli-August.

”Regnar det och barnen vill hitta på nåt roligt? Dags för film? Ta då med dem på detta äventyr som hela familjen kan njuta av.”  - Moderna Livet

”Färgstarka figurer för de allra minsta” - Skånska Dagbladet


”Gulliga figurer” - Aftonbladet

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