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Theatrical release:  3rd of August 2018

Release VOD: 26th of November 2018

Director: Olof Spaak

Cast: Karin Franz Körlof, Simon J Berger, Eva Fritjofson, Linda Molin 
Genre: Drama
Country: Sweden
Length: 109 min

Rating: 15 years

Synopsis: Eric and Elin meet again as adults at a funeral and relive the dark, magical summer when they met the first time. They were just kids and their parents Linda and Peter were both addicts, but for a few violently beautiful months they all lived together as a family. Peter and Linda are struggling to create a life together and show affection for their children and the children are fighting for survival. When Eric and Elin slowly find their way back to each other they have to deal with the past to create a better future.

Press material, stills and poster

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