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Theatrical release: 13th of February 2015


Director: Lina Mannheimer

Cast: Catherine Robbe-Grillet, Beverly Charpentier, Dominique Corringer, Claude Helleu, Christian Hersant 

Genre: Documentary

Country: France, Sweden

Length: 74 min

Rating: 15 years


Synopsis: THE CEREMONY is a film about love, friendship and portrays unorthodox relationships where dominance and submission is central. We meet the unusual and fascinating author Catherine Robbe-Grillet and the people closest to her.

I With intimate interviews the film shares the characters ideas about eroticism, art, norms, identity, aging and loneliness. The audience is also invited to a captivating, suggestiv and intimate view of staged sadomasochistic ceremonies based on Robbe-Grillets fantasies and ideas.






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