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Theatrical release: 22nd of February 2023

Director: Toby Genkel, Florian Westermann

Swedish voices: Dan Ekborg, Edvin Ryding, Happy Jankell, Anton Körberg 

Genre: Animation, Family

Country: United Kingdom, Germany, USA

Country: 93 min
Rating: 7 år

Synopsis: Maurice, a big orange cat with the gift of speech, is traveling around the country offering to solve their sudden rat problem. Keith, a young boy who plays the flute get the rats to follow the tunes from his instrument while Maurice takes care of the payment. What the people don't know is that Maurice and Keith are friends with the rats and cooperate to earn some cash. Everything is going according to plan until they run into book nerd Malicia who leads them on an adventure where they have to solve the mysterious problems in her city.

Press material, stills and poster.

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