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Theatrical release: 23rd of July 2021

Release VOD: 26th of July 2021


Director: Jeremy Sims

Cast:  Sam Neill, Michael Caton, Wayne Blair, Miranda Richardson 

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Country: Australia

Length: 118 min

Rating: 15 years


Synopsis: In remote Western Australia, two estranged brothers, Colin and Les, are at war. Raising separate flocks of sheep descended from their family's prized bloodline, the two men work side by side yet are worlds apart. When Les's prize ram is diagnosed with a rare and lethal illness, authorities order a purge of every sheep in the valley. While Colin attempts to stealthily outwit the powers that be, Les opts for angry defiance. But can the warring brothers set aside their differences and have a chance to reunite their family, save their herd, and bring their community back together?

Press material, stills and poster.

“Rolig men också ömsint och rörande” 4/5 The Guardian

“En härligt excentrisk komedi” 4/5 The Irish Times


“Äkta och engagerande, starka rollprestationer” Los Angeles Times

”Lite lättsammare och mer komisk än den isländska filmen. Mer solsken, men det är samma sorts fåordiga män som på olika vis försöker göra revolt byråkratin.” - Aftonbladet

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