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Release VOD:  10th of January 2022

Director: Mikey Alfred

Cast: Vince Vaughn, Ryder McLaughlin, Miranda Cosgrove, Mikey Alfred, Gillian Jacobs, Blake Anderson
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Length:  75 min

Synopsis: Whatever dream you are chasing, make sure it is your own.


The teenager Michael wants to bet it all on becoming a professional skater. The problem is that his dad already decided that he should either go to college or take over the family business. When Michael's talent is acknowledged and his dream seems to be within reach, he must make a difficult decision. NORTH HOLLYWOOD, produced by Pharrell Williams, is a coming of age story about not wanting to grow up.

Press material, stills and poster

“Rå äkthet och innerlig charm” - Cinemalogue

“Mer än en skateboardfilm” - Richard Crouse

“En både klassisk och okonventionell uppväxtskildring” - Decider

“Det är svårt att komma på en lika visuellt nyskapande debutfilm eller en som skildrar manlig vänskap så här genuint” - Uproxx

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