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Theatrical release: 15th of April 2022
Release VOD: 30th of May 2022

Director: Andreas Bjunér

Genre: Documentary

Country: Sweden

Length: 79 min

Rating: 15 years


Synopsis: Mormor, kriget och kärleken is a story of a life told through wars, love, death, sorrow and rebirth.
With filmed material, animations by Jenny Svenberg Brunnel and old photographs we are told the story of Andreas Bjurnér’s grandmother Unni from her youth in Oslo during the war with her abusive father, to the teenage love story that brought her to Sweden to start anew. A decision that made this film possible.


From the director: Ever since I was young I’ve been fascinated by my grandmother's life. For 40 years I have listened to her stories. Some have cut deep, while others have filled me with warmth and hope. I think a lot of people have, or have had, an older relative with that special aura, a person who has made you feel seen but also shared their life experiences with you. The kind of experiences that can only be found with those who have lived a long life.
Most of us, at least at my age, dream that in the future, when we are older and wiser, we’ll sit down with a child and share our knowledge and experiences. To make someone listen with awe to what we have to say. Far from all of us get there, but my grandmother was the one that made me listen and travel back in time to a different life, a different world. Throughout my life I have been able to take part in her stories and together they have formed my idea of my grandmother. These stories built this film.

Press material, stills and poster.

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