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MAD DOG - From Chaos to Comeback

Theatrical release: 7th of October 2016

Director: Mauri R. Chifflét, Martin Sandin
Cast: Reza Madadi, David Bielkheden, Alexander Gustafsson, Selman ”Putte” Berisha,Tomas Ghassemi, Andreas Michael, Alan ”Finfou” do Nascimento, Norman Parke 
Genre: Documentary
Country: Sweden
Length: 85 min

Synopsis: Reza ”Mad Dog” Madadi was on the top of the world with his career as a successful MMA fighter with lucrative sponsorships with UFC. Him and his wife Kate were expecting their first child. One early morning in May of 2003 everything changed, forever. Reza, then 35 yeats old, was arrested for involvement in a well known smash-n-grab. He was sentenced to prison, kicked out of UFC, lost his friends and endured a hate storm on the internet. Worst of all, he had to spend the first year of his son's life in prison.


MAD DOG portrays Reza's fight for rectification. The film focuses on social issues such as exclusion, racism, shame, pride and the struggle to find your place in life. Where most would have given up, Reza decided to bet it all on his comeback.


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