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Theatrical release: 30th of May 2014


Director: Mattias J Skoglund & Markus Marcetic

Cast: Isabelle Von Saenger, Anna Svensson, Per Åkerström, Andreas Borg, Emma Juntilla, Lisa Walberg, SaraKlara Hellström

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Country: Sweden

Length: 73 min

Rating: 15 years


Synopsis: Borlänge, 1992. A motley crew of teenagers attend a "start your own business" course and is set to present their business ideas. Jonas, the hottie, has an idea for creating events in the wilderness which intrigues the teacher, Åsa. With the hopes of seducing Jonas she instructs the group to put his event plan into action during a weekend in the woods. However, nothing goes as planned and when they become completely lost they start turning on each other.





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