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Theatrical release: 3rd of February 2023


Director: Saila Kivelä, Vesa Kuosmanen

Cast: Saila Kivelä, Mai Kivelä, Kristo Muurimaa

Genre: Documentary

Country: Finland

Lenght: 80 min
Rating: 15 years

Synopsis: A documentary about the fight for animal rights and the legal consequences that the young activist Saila had to endure after publicly admitting to filming farms and their animals in secret. Then she was seen as the new hope for her activist group and is still today fighting for the topics that the organization represents. Saila is now grown up and afraid that she no longer has what it takes to convince people of animal suffering. She needs to save herself while also figuring out what kind of activist she wants to be.

“The point of the whole effort is undoubtedly to raise the spectators’ awareness of the cause, but also to discuss the balance between activism, political awareness and the reality – which is often sad and overwhelming – that one must face, despite it all” - Cineuropa

“the narrative is compelling and manages to keep the viewer hooked” - Cineuropa

“Just Animals is a sincere film made of good intentions.” - Ubiquarian

“Salia is an engaging and compassionate person and ultimately the film works well as a personal study of a young woman and her dedication to animals” - Business Doc Europe

“Just Animals is a creative, raw, and intimate psychological portrait of true heroes trying to give voice to the voiceless in the middle of an overwhelming sea of selfishness and indifference” - But Why Tho Podcast

“​​Just Animals is a fascinating treatise on the nature of modern activism” - Backseat Mafia

Press material, photos and poster.

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