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Release VOD:  18th of July 2018

Director: Jonas Overton

Cast: Linus James Nilsson, Dragomir Mrsic, Thorsten Flinck, Josefine Ekman, Lina Pernhed, Peter Gardiner
Genre: Thriller
Country: Sweden
Length:  75 min

Synopsis: Good-hearted, small time criminal JIMMY JONES from Malmö is trying to catch his big break. He is the middleman in a drug deal between a Dutch drug syndicate and a serbian poker club owner in Stockholm named Dragan. While traveling to Stockholm with the drugs, Jimmy accidentally hits a woman with his car but flee the seen before the police arrives. When Dragan finds out that the police is looking for Jimmy, he tries stalling the payment so that the cops will get him first. At the same time the syndicate wants the money or Jimmy is a dead man.

Press material, stills and poster

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