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Theatrical release: 16th of October 2020


Director: Markus Castro
Cast:  Adel Darwish, Nathalié Williamsdotter, Ahmad Fadel, Sara Sommerfeld 

Genre: Drama

Country: Sweden

Length: 100 min

Rating: 15 years


Synopsis: The year is 2015 and Monir is one of 160 000 asylum seekers that arrive to Sweden. Coming from war torn Syria, he is thrown into the Swedish forest where time seems to be standing still and soon dark repressed memories come to the surface. But everything isn't dark, he meets Moa, a big city girl with her own version of fleeing, is also in the woods that summer. Is their mutual curiosity of each other stronger than suppressed fears and prejudices?

Press material, stills and poster.






Fotograf Pressbilder: Ida Sundqvist

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