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Theatrical release: 14 april 2023


Director: Maksym Nakonechnyi

Cast: Rita Burkovska, Natalya Vorozhbit, Daria Lorenci

Genre: Drama

Country: Ukraina, Sverige, Tjeckien, Kroatien

Length: 107 min
Rating: TBA

Synopsis: After spending months as a prisoner in Donbass, Ukrainian aerial reconnaissance expert Lilia returns home to her family. But the trauma of captivity continues to torment her and surface in dreamlike ways. Something growing deep within Lilia will not allow her to forget, yet she refuses to identify as a victim and will fight to liberate herself.

"Harrowing but hopeful" - Hollywood Reporter


"A sensitive, nuanced meditation on war and its effects on the psyche of individuals and nations" - Screen Daily


"it does offer images that haven’t been seen before and, no doubt, will be useful to inspire audiences in all relevant territories to further action and hope" - Deadline


"Striking, both in substance and in form" - Premiere

"A magnificent portrait of a woman refusing the role of victim" - Telerama


"A subject rarely seen in cinema: the conflicts and torments undergone by prisoners returning to their former lives." - Le Parisien

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