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Theatrical release:  12th of April 2019

Director: Folke Rydén
Genre: Documentary
Country: Sweden
Length:  70 min

Rating:  11 years

Synopsis: Murtada Al-Hachami loves his country. But he hates how it's viewed by the rest of the world, a country of war and destruction. After being forced into exile for 18 years, mostly in the UK, he returns to his home country Iraq in 2003. He's obsessed with the idea of attracting investors and tourists by showing off all the beautiful and welcoming parts of the country. But how? in 2014 Murtada has an idea. He will invite some of the best hot air ballooners in the world to peacefully fly their balloons over Babylon and Mesopotamia. But not everyone shares his dream and powerful people try and stop his project. At the same time, ISIS is growing in forces and arries to Iraq.

BALLOONS OVER BABYLON is a heartwarming feel good film if a man with dreams and love for his Iraq.

Press material, stills and poster

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