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Theatrical release: 15th of April 2016 
Release VOD: 2nd of May 2016

Director: Folke Rydén
Cast: Brita von Polgar, Boel Andersson, Arne Bivrin 
Genre: Documentary
Country: Sweden
Length: 79 min

Synopsis: Four Swedish families, 19 people in total, celebrated Christmas on the paradise beach in Khao Lak 2004. At 10.45 on Boxing Day only three adults and two children were still alive. How can one get past this kind of trauma - when everything good seems to have been taken from you? The surprising answer comes 10 years later in a moving story about friendship, love and everything good.

The Tsunami, the national trauma and its consequences might be one of the most important stories about Sweden and swedes this decade. In this documentary it is portrayed in a new and innovative way by some of the best film makers in Sweden.



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