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Theatrical release: 30th of October 2020


Director: Josephine Bornebusch

Cast: Josephine Bornebusch, Johan Rheborg, Alba August, Gustav Lindh, Marie Göranzon, Joel Spira, Vera Vitali, Erik Johansson, Peter Andersson, Rebecka Josephson och Tova Magnusson

Genre: Drama

Country: Sweden

Length: 105 min

Rating: 11 years


Synopsis: ORCA by Josephine Bornebusch shows us what can happen to us while social distancing. Eleven people are isolated from the rest of the world. Love grows, a son wants to hold the hand of his suffering mother, a mother abandoning her family, a therapist on the edge of a cliff, a daughter relating to her parents.


Press material, stills and poster.




Fotocred: Viaplay 

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