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Theatrical release: 30th of April 2021


Director: Baker Karim

Cast: Lena Endre, Alexander Karim 

Script: Camilla Läckberg

Genre: Drama

Country: Sweden

Lenght: 88 min

Rating: 15 years


Synopsis: What happens when you have to choose between life and love?
The world is descending into chaos. Half of the world's population has died in a deadly pandemic. Two people are stuck in quarantine in a hotel. Their survival is based on the hotel's ability to follow restrictions. Physical contact equals death, and isolation is their only hope for saving. Still, it's human nature to seek out community and the two start to get to know each other. Their friendship and love puts them in front of an impossible decision.


Press material, stills and poster.




Fotocred: Viaplay 

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